BIG (Bunny Improvement Group)

BIG (Bunny Improvement Group) has been born as mentioned elsewhere. There will be no shortage of work for volunteers and while no particular skills are needed, there are bound to be some specialists whose help would be more than welcome. Please come forward and volunteer to do your bit, every hour helps.

Several villagers met at the Village Hall on January 9 and agreed to form the Bunny Improvement Group (BIG). The first task will be to paint the public seats along Loughborough Road. Work will commence at 10:00am on Saturday March 30 from the Village Hall. Feel free to join in.

The aims and aspirations of the group is to harness the community spirit shown when the Tour of Britain passed through in September, for the benefit of all. Keep an eye out for BIG's future tasks and plans.

The group will be having a further meeting at 7.30pm on Wednesday February 20 in the Village Hall. Interested people are asked to come along and discuss our aims.

I can be contacted at or on 0115 921 3213, or if you want to be involved.
Pete Pearson, Main Street

Village scene
Village scene
Village scene