Apprentice Fee Charity - Student Grants

The original charities were set up around 1700 by the Parkyns family from Bunny Hall. There have been a number of changes over 300 plus years and a number of small charities have been consolidated. There remain three.

The Parkyns School Charity owns the village hall which is leased to Bunny Parish council. The Charity is responsible for the maintenance of the structure of the hall and the interior is the responsibility of the Parish Council. The day to day running of the hall is the responsibility of the Parish Council. The Charity also supports the Village Primary school with grants, where possible, for items not falling within the remit of the local authority.

The Apprentice Fee Charity was as the name suggests set up to support young people undertaking apprenticeships. Whilst there are now modern apprenticeships these are very different from those envisaged when the Charity was set up. The Charity is now authorised by the Charity Commission to make grants to young people from Bunny Bradmore and Costock entering into higher education  for books or other course material.

The General Charity incorporates a number of former charities and is responsible for the administration and upkeep of the Almshouses in the centre of the village which like the Village Hall is a Grade II listed building. In addition it is authorised to provide benefits to the needy of Bunny and Bradmore by way of grants.

The Charities are registered with the Charity Commission and more information is available on the Commission website or from the Clerk , Harry Barr, or the trustees .