We are encouraging our community to download the what3words app on their phones in case they need to call 999.

Every 3m square has been assigned 3 words so that it makes it easier for services like the police or ambulance etc to find you as they can pick this up from your phone call.

The app is totally free to download and use, you can download it on iOS or Android here.

You can find a full list of those services that accept what3words here: https://what3words.com/news/emergency/three-words-for-a-faster-emergency-response. Your community could also use what3words to report incidents with organisations like National Grid, Network Rail and the Environmental Agency: https://what3words.com/report-incident-locations-efficiently.

Free Tree Scheme Returns!

The Free Tree Scheme Returns

The Free Tree Scheme initiative forms part of Rushcliffe authority’s strategy to provide further sustainable environments across communities in the Borough with the chosen tree species native to the Borough.

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Executive Manager for Communities Dave Mitchell said in 2019 when the scheme was first launched: “Thank you if you applied to the scheme, we are delighted with the response.

“There was also good interest in our tree warden scheme to protect and help trees to flourish in our towns and villages, so as ever we’re really pleased with Rushcliffe residents’ commitment to the environment.

“We hope that by increasing the number of trees in the Borough, as our communities grow, our green environments will continue to do so too and improve the quality of life for current and future residents.”

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Bunny Bulletin October Edition

Bunny Bulletin October Edition
We are pleased to announce the the Bunny Bulletin for  October is now available. A copy should be delivered to your door and just in case you need it, a copy can be downloaded from this website.

Information for Residents

During the present coronavirus pandemic situation the parish council are not able to hold normal meetings and have therefore decided .....
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Key Worker Video

While the majority of public have got behind the national efforts, a small minority have committed assaults on key workers as they worked to protect the public.

This is our Key Workers' message to them.....

Coronavirus – Bunny Neighbour Support

As the coronavirus pandemic grows, there will be an increasing need for our community to pull together and support those who need to isolate. The kind of help people need will vary but could include delivery of shopping, collection of prescriptions, or - for someone living alone - a regular phone call to check they are okay. To make self-isolation effective, close contact with other people must be kept to a minimum, therefore ideally each person needing help will have this help provided by just one or two persons. To try and achieve this, what we plan to do is to establish a buddy system, where everyone in need of support is given details of a buddy who is willing to help them during this time.....
...... download the full article or read it in the Bunny Bulletin

Town & Parish Update

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Town & Parish Update.

Published by Rushcliffe Borough Council you can download this document here

My Notts App

Nottinghamshire County Council’s mobile phone app – ‘MyNotts’ – is now available for residents to download.

The MyNotts app will make it quicker, easier, and more convenient for local people to access council services. Residents can use the app to:

Receive updates on school closures, check when school holidays are, and apply for school places
Report highways issues, including potholes, faulty streetlights, and overgrown vegetation
Find their closest Household Waste & Recycling Centre, and see what can be taken there
Access information about care services offered by Nottinghamshire County Council
See which events are happening in their local area and our three country parks
Keep up to date with news from across Nottinghamshire

This is only the first phase of the app’s development. We would welcome feedback on areas of improvement, which you can provide directly via the app’s ‘Feedback’ section.

You can download the app from your usual the App Store or Android Apps