Bunny Bulletin June edition

Bunny Bulletin June edition
We are pleased to announce the Bunny Bulletin for this month now available. A copy should be delivered to your door and just in case you need it, a copy can be downloaded from this website. 

Casual Parish Council Vacancy

Notice is hereby given that after the recent uncontested election, there is a casual vacancy existing on the above parish council, and applications asking to be considered for co-option as a member are invited.
Any such applications must be forwarded by email to the clerk Linda Price or to any councillor, before the 25th May 2023 with brief personal details in a note of up to 200 words.

Direct contact can be made with any member of the council but written confirmation and notes to the clerk are still required.

More information

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting of Bunny Parish Council will take place on Tuesday 23rd May, at 7.00pm at St Mary the Virgin Church.

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Bunny Village Help

Bunny Parish Council are looking for some extra help please see lists below.

  • To be a contact person for the vulnerable or the senior people in the village who can offer support, guidance and, where able, referral of a friend in the village for social support.
  • Group of people to manage and to further improve the village hall.
  • Organising once a month Breakfast club (venue to be decided by the organiser).
  • Organising once a month, or once a term, lunch club (venue to be decided by the organiser).
  • Organising once a year or twice a year Bunny village outing.
  • Social event for the whole village, for example this could be a cheese and wine night, fish and chips night, quiz night, or any other such event.
  • Friendship group to restart “bumps, babies and toddlers”.
  • Monthly knitting, art or crafts club.
  • Village sporting event, organising a cricket tournament against another village, tennis social event or a village football event.
  • Monthly chess club
  •  Help to organise the Kings Coronation for the village.
  • We are also seeking a person who would like to oversee the Bunny website and suggest improvements. We have a person who is paid to manage the website but are looking for a volunteer to work with the Parish Council to help further improve the village website.
  • Looking for new members for Bunny Parish Council.

If you have any other suggestions or would like to do something else, please contact Izumi Featherstone (07817847586 0115-9846466) or speak to any other councillors.
Thank you.

Meeting with representatives of Johnson’s Aggregates

An open informal meeting will be held with representatives of Johnson’s Aggregates on 23rd February 2023 at 6.30pm in Bunny Village Hall.

This meeting will be attended by the Parish Councillors, Representatives of Johnson’s Aggregates, and anyone who wishes to attend to discuss the local issues regarding the recycling plant.

Please feel free to attend and to ask questions of the representatives.

Linda Price, Bunny Parish Clerk, email: clerk@bunny.parish.email

Supporting Voluntary groups

We are the Voluntary Sector Development Team, and we would like to introduce ourselves to you, to let you know that we are here to support you and the voluntary sector organisations, groups, or clubs that work with children and young people in Nottinghamshire.

We would like to reach as many play/youth settings across the county as possible, following the covid pandemic many play/youth settings are just going back to normal, we can support groups by developing committees, reviewing policies, and finding out about funding opportunities.

We are hoping you could promote our service through your local networks and together we can increase opportunities for local children and young people.

Please see the link below that provides further details on how we can support the voluntary sector.


The Voluntary Sector Development Team can work with groups to:

  • Develop existing organisations/groups
  • Identify the legal requirements that are compulsory for voluntary sector groups/organisations g. policies and training
  • Help with the recruitment of Volunteers /Committee Members
  • Identifying funding and support you with your applications
  • Signpost you to training
  • Help apply for DBS clearance for volunteers and paid staff

Please find attached a leaflet about our service and what it can offer groups. We would be most grateful if you can share the information attached with colleagues, groups, and others who may find it useful.

If you have any questions or want any more information please email the team at VoluntarySectorDeveloprnentTearn@nottscc.gov.uk

Lee Marshall
Voluntary Sector Development Technical Specialist Bilsthorpe Young People's Centre,
Eakring Road, Nottinghamshire NG22 SPY

Bunny and Bradmore Charities

Student Grants

The Charities may be able to help students with a grant towards the costs of books or other course materials.

Young persons under the age of 25 years living in the parishes of Bunny, Bradmore or Costock undertaking a course of higher education are eligible for a one-off grant. The scheme is not limited to new students and those already on a course who have not previously applied for a grant may be eligible also. If you feel that you meet the criteria or have sons or daughters who meet those criteria, they may apply in writing to the clerk to the trustees at the address below providing evidence of acceptance onto their chosen course. Applications will be considered by the trustees at the next quarterly meeting following their receipt. The next meeting is scheduled for 7th September 2022. Applications may be made after that date.

Harry Barr
Clerk to Bunny and Bradmore Charities
63 Musters Road, Ruddington, NG11 6JB
Email: harry@handmbarr.plus.com

Energy solutions for Bunny village

The parish council have received a Briefing Report produced by Mr John Berridge and Cllr.   Chris Rogers which is intended to involve as many of the 214 households in the village  as are willing and for whom it would be possible and affordable.
Anyone wishing to receive a copy can download it here..


As you may be aware the Care Industry is looking to recruit people to help out their short staffed businesses.

If you are able to help, please contact Nottinghamshire County Council at https://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/carework

Free tree scheme returns for Rushcliffe residents!

Rushcliffe residents can make their properties even greener by applying for free trees for a fourth year running.

Over 8,000 trees have been distributed since the start of the campaign in 2018 and now 800 wild cherry and dogwood trees are available without charge.

It’s part of Rushcliffe Borough Council’s strategy to provide sustainable environments in line with the Borough’s significant housing and employment growth in the coming years.
Householders are encouraged to apply as soon as possible given anticipated high demand and can apply for up to two trees by visiting
https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/FreeTrees2021 and submitting an application before October 31.

The Council’s Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Communities and Climate Change Cllr Abby Brennan said: “We are delighted to be running the free tree scheme again, after a wonderful response from residents since the scheme was launched in 2018.

“They have shown great enthusiasm in collecting and planting thousands of these free trees and we thank them for their continued support to making Rushcliffe a great and greener place to live.
“We hope that by increasing the number of trees in the Borough, our green environments will grow alongside our communities, improving the quality of life for both current and future residents.”

Successful applicants will have trees delivered direct to their door by Streetwise with the volume of delivery trips minimised by the firm to make its carbon footprint as low as possible.

The Wild Cherry or Prunus avium can grow to 25 metres tall, flowers in spring and fruit in summer and autumn colour. They like full sunlight and fertile soil but do not tolerate waterlogged soil.

The Dogwood or Cornus sanguinea trees grow to 10 metres tall, has creamy flowers followed by black berries and crimson autumn leaves. It is a shade-tolerant tree and can cope with damp conditions.

Please apply as soon as you can!