The Apprentice Fee Charity was set up by the Parkyns family over three hundred years ago. The aim was to support young apprentices setting out on their chosen careers. Over the centuries the number of apprenticeships having diminished greatly, the Charity Commission approved extensions to the Charity’s scheme to permit the Charity to make grants to students undertaking higher education courses. Each year the Charity is able to make grants to students to assist in their purchase of books or other course materials.

Young persons under the age of 25 years living in the parishes of Bunny, Bradmore or Costock undertaking a course of higher education are eligible for a one off grant. Students already on a course who have not previously applied for a grant may be eligible also. If you feel that you meet the criteria or have sons or daughters who meet those criteria, they may apply in writing to the clerk to the trustees at the address below providing evidence of their acceptance onto their chosen course. Applications will be considered by the trustees at the next quarterly meeting following their receipt. The next meeting is planned for September.

Harry Barr
Clerk to Bunny and Bradmore Charities
63 Musters Road, Ruddington , Nottingham, NG11 6JB

Bunny and Bradmore Charities Student Grants